We want to provide a real next level of experience to the people, we are in a 2D data technology and almost all the internet solutions are in the way of saturation, they have developed everything, now we need to go to the next level. So, we planned to create a virtual world, which will solve many real-world business problems, more immersive entertainment features, exploration, etc.,


Like in the real world, people can buy virtual land in Arkycia Metaverse. Arkycia Metaverse location engine is built on real-world location maps. Unlike other Virtual Land projects, you can select your land properly without buying roads or any unwanted places. The reason behind having a real-world location is, we all will have a parallel dream, Eg, dream to build a beautiful house, dream to start a company, dream to visit some places in the world, dream to own a sports car, dream to own a shopping mall, etc.,

All these dreams are having emotions and values that stick with your location. So, we created Arkycia Metaverse based on real-world locations.


How can you buy virtual lands in Arkycia Metaverse?

Buying land in Arkycia Metaverse is very simple, Create an account in Arkycia Metaverse, Select your land, see the price, connect metamask, complete the transaction, now you own an Arkycia Metaverse land and a citizen of Arkycia Metaverse. The virtual land details will be stored as an NFT in the blockchain.

You can buy virtual land in Arkycia Metaverse using Arkycia Tokens. You can buy Arkycia tokens in UniSwap & Pancakeswap

Create an account in Arkycia Metaverse

Select your Land

See the Price

Connect to Wallet

Complete the

What is the cost of the lands in Arkycia Metaverse?

Arkycia Metaverse uses AI to give you real-world Real Estate Dynamics, this will help you to choose the best commercial / business places in Arkycia Metaverse. The land cost in Arkycia Metaverse are as follows

Land Parcels are calculated in Sqft


Each Sqft land will cost between
1 ARKY token ( 0.013 USD) – 5 ARKY ( 0.067 USD)


Some places will be in the bidding model

Any limitation in buying lands in
Arkycia Metaverse?

Some places will be in the bidding model

Maximum can be anything

How can I resell the land?

Arkycia Metaverse provides a user-friendly application to buy & sell virtual land parcels. Users can set their sale price as fixed or in a bidding model. For every resale, there will be land parcel selling fees, which will be shared with the Political Positions NFT holders.