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Virtual Shopping Mall / Metaverse Shopping Mall

Arkycia provides you 100+ readmade shopping malls in different sizes. Virtual shopping malls may start from 4 floors to 10 floors with 100+ retail shops. You can rent the shops or sale the shop. Arkycia virtual shopping mall is a good investment for high returns.

How can you own a shopping mall in Arkycia Metaverse?

You have to buy Arkycia Metaverse Land to build your virtual Shopping Mall. You can buy the land using Arkycia metaverse tokens, then you can build a shopping mall from the existing designs or you can design your virtual shopping mall by your own or you can get the work done with our partners available globally.

How can I earn from Virtual Shopping Mall?

Virtual shopping malls are like physical shopping malls where anyone can start any virtual shops, Setting up a shop is very easy. As a virtual mall owner you can set the prices of each virtual shop, there will be a separate control panel to manage your shopping mall. Shopping mall owner can setup the prices for each virtual shop. Arkycia user can buy or rent a virtual shop in the virtual shopping mall.

We provide user friendly tools to setup the virtual shop, where tenants can add and edit their products, manage their products. They can setup the prices in local fiat and the system with convert to Arkycia tokens, if the arkycia user purchase the product in fiat they may not get offers, if they purchase in Arkycia tokens, then they will get offers and discount. But gradually Arkycia won’t accept local fiats.

How does people adopt to Virtual Shopping Mall? Is it feasible?

Virtual shopping is not just a tech hype, it’s the next wave of technology, surely there will be great adoption for the following reasons,

  • Now a days most of us are using online shopping, Metaverse is a new mode of online shopping with immersive experience, with new features
  • Viewing the product in 3D environment which will enhance the user experience, which increase the users buying behavior
  • Using AI & Edge computing buyers can try the product before purchase in 3D, which is not possible in the current online shopping

Arkycia Metaverse is depends on the real world Locations So, Having a shopping mall in heart of the city is dream and there will be huge traction for Virtual Mall.

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