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Arkycia Metaverse – The virtual world with NFT Backbone

NFT is the backbone of Arkycia Metaverse. Unlike other NFT and Metaverse projects, Arkycia Metaverse NFT will have real value and passive income. I still remember the ICO days of 2018, 10+ projects launched each day without a real purpose, to raise funds alone many ICO projects are created, that is the reason you can find only a handful of projects are live now.

A similar kind of situation is happening for NFT now. We value technology and people investment. We want to give a new kind of experience and real solution to solve the problem. That’s why we are creating Arkycia Metaverse.

Arkycia is a Cosmocracy Metaverse, where our goal is to create a one-world government, no more monopoly and for the people, by the people. We are implementing NFT to achieve this. We are not developing simple NFT images, all the NFT in the Arkycia Metaverse will have a real purpose and we are calling it as Functional NFT.

Let’s build a Decentralized Virtual Economy.

Political Position NFT

World War II ends to attain peace and humans reached a maturity that war is not a good one for the human race. After that still, now we are at the same stage, even though we achieved a lot in technology and science, we are still at the same stage.

I am predicting that the future will be a cosmocracy world and Arkycia Metaverse will be the pioneer and it’s the first step to make the real world into a cosmocracy world.

One world, one government is the vision of Arkycia Metaverse. Arkycia will have a common government for the world and each country will have its own government without any boundaries.

Political Positions NFT

Arkycia Metaverse is built with real locations, which have 200 countries. Each country will have 10 political positions NFT which will help the countries to grow. The owners of Political Positions NFT will have passive income based on the country’s GDP. We are not revealing the entire features of the political positions NFT intentionally.

Countries, States, Cities & Counties

We created a political structure for all the countries and there will be political positions NFT for Countries, States, Cities, and Counties.

Political Positions NFT Launch

We are launching the Political Positions NFT by Feb 1st week 2022. 30,000 political positions NFT will be launched in 3 rounds.

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