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What is Virtual Land? Virtual Real estate? Metaverse Land?

Virtual Land / Property – A piece of land or property in a virtual world is called Virtual land / property and it can be sold in the format of NFT, so all the land details will be stored in the blockchain which is like the simple version for the sale agreement in the real life.

The landowner can sell the property or rent it or can build any buildings.

Does Virtual Property have any value? Or Is it an illusion or hype?

Virtual land / virtual real estate will have absolutely huge economic value. Let’s discuss about this in detail.

Just 10 years before we all invested in Land, Properties and investing in real estate was our priority and it was considered safe. Because investment in share market, involves market risk. So, most of us preferred to go for real estate investment.

The property value got increased in 10 years and we got good returns, the returns can be 10x to 1000x, and it’s purely dependent the economy development in that location. So, typically real estate value increase is based on the business development and people migration to that location.

I am giving 2 parameters – Business development & people migration to the location increase the value of real estate and real estate becomes a good investment for a long-term.

Now, Virtual world / Metaverse works on the similar kind of strategy. Arkycia Metaverse provides an extended mirror world of our physical world locations, where you can buy a land / property. People can start virtual office, Virtual showrooms, Virtual Shopping mall and much more. Which basically require land, and once people start to visit these locations, there will be demand for land / property. This is a similar kind of system in our physical world. So, Investing in Arkycia Metaverse real estate is safe and secure.

Decentralized Virtual Economy – Parallel Economy – The next generation world

The rise of Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies, Dapps, AR, VR, 5G, Smartphone Hardware, VR Suite, Ubiquitous computing, Artificial Intelligence, Ambient Computing and Edge computing make the Metaverse dream possible. At Arkycia we have used the above-mentioned technology ecosystem to build the Metaverse.

We all have visibly seen the success of the digital technologies in all verticals like Mobile phones, Business, Ecommerce, Smart watches, Health care etc., Without Internet & computers our economy won’t see this much of growth.

Similarly, now we are in the next paradigm shift of technology, which will take us to a new world of opportunities, entertainment, and fun.

Virtual World / Metaverse will be the future and there will be huge business and job opportunities, All the meetings, shopping, tours will happen in Metaverse Soon.

“Soon Metaverse will become a mainstream business and it will provide huge Job opportunities – Don’t miss the boat”

– Kumar Thirumaliswamy

All the small, medium and enterprise business in the physical world will soon enter into the Metaverse.

Arkycia Metaverse provides extensive opportunities for small, medium and enterprise companies to open their virtual office, virtual meetings, virtual presentations, virtual tours, events, concerts, digital twins and more. As Metaverse provides a new experience to the people, the productivity will get increased naturally.

Arkycia develops special hardware to provide immersive experience to the metaverse users. We are developing, Arkycia Gloves, Suites, Cubes which will enhance the user experience where user can feel the Metaverse.

All the Internet economy will move to Metaverse economy and whatever the applications that we are using now in the internet world will move to Metaverse World. So, this is the right time to invest in Virtual Land, buy a land, build something, rent it or sell it. This is the right time for starting to buy virtual land in 2022.

How to buy a Virtual Land in Arkycia Metaverse?

Step by Step Beginners guide for how to own a land in Arkycia Metaverse?

Buying a land in Arkycia Metaverse is very easy.

  • Sign into your account or signup if you aren’t already
  • Arkycia Metaverse is created with the Physical world locations, So search a location
  • Draw a plot in the map
  • See the Square feet, Lat long and location details
  • Connect your wallet
  • Confirm your virtual land

Best place to buy virtual Land

Arkycia Metaverse is a Virtual world with real world locations. All the Land prices are based on the real world real estate popularities. You can buy land in any part of the virtual world as you like. But if you buy land in main business locations, it will give you more revenue.

How to make money with Virtual Real Estate?

It’s really very simple of make money with Virtual Real Estate, select a location with huge business opportunities, buy that land. Rent the land or construct a building and rent it, build a shopping mall and rent the virtual shops to the users. There are lots of opportunities to make money with Virtual Real Estate like in the real world.

Best Metaverse to buy virtual land

Arkycia Metaverse is the best Metaverse to buy virtual Land, because Arkycia is created with real world locations and the system is created to adopt all kinds of business. Arkycia Metaverse is building an entire virtual world. Apart from having all types of business opportunities, you can spend time with your friends, find your partner, have fun, entertainment and many more. Arkycia’s vision is to create a multi trillion dollar decentralized virtual economy. Be a proud part of it.

Few Use case scenarios:

By developing these kinds of properties, you can make more money in Arkycia Metaverse

  • Metaverse Shopping Mall
  • Metaverse Jewelry Shop
  • Metaverse Horse Race
  • Metaverse Expo / Event
  • Metaverse Super Market – Virtual shop
  • Metaverse Boutique
  • Metaverse Virtual Business office
  • Metaverse Coffee Shop

Let’s join hands together for better business opportunities and build a better world.

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